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(no subject) [Nov. 9th, 2006|06:32 pm]
[Current Mood |intimidatedHappy but on the inside though]

Sorry me have been out of livejournal fucking school and shit I hate it. Me friend Darren and I owned today and football. You guys my think everyones nerds there but there is Jocs, popular kids, gossipers, and just cool people, but mostly are gay ass nerds........

I drew this yesterday, and all I did was like smoge all the pencil and it was a good idea.
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I Wanna Fuck You [Oct. 10th, 2006|08:30 pm]

Best song ever
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(no subject) [Oct. 9th, 2006|08:52 pm]
[Current Mood |contentcontent]

Glowy this is ver very freak'in important tell Jan this ok the "WHOLE THING".

fine tell him that me not gonna him Dosu for sure never ever ever, but my costume used to be online but is unavaiable now so I'll have to go to the Spirit store. Also for halloween your twin Juan is coming over to trick or treat also, Julien, Jared, and Garrett will be there too
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(no subject) [Oct. 3rd, 2006|08:10 pm]
[Current Mood |bouncyhappy in a dirty way]
[Current Music |Remember the name, by fort minor]

I am happy but i feel bad becuz its Oct. i never felt this weird.

I am so screwed cuz this one girl Maria (my former crush) has turned into a faget and she is faget if anyone knows her tell her she is a motha fucking gay ass bitch. Also I did this dared that forced me to text messenge her "I wanna rape you" and now she hates me and she can do bad and scary things you dont wannna know about....

Also glowy tell Jan hes coming to my neighbor-hood to trick or treat with me julien, jared, garett, umm and his twin.

I dont have any thing to draw but I have been watching bleach and Aizen got his ass kicked and there was blood dripping all the way to the floor (he got stabbed with a sword and stuck to a wall)it was funny. Also I would say the one kid soul reaper that is already a captian with white hair he is so cool.

Also I was gonna do cosplay for the convention next year but I dont have the money. My mom said she could buy it for me but i gotta where it for halloween too but I dont want my mom to waste 80 dollars and i think i dont wanna be Dosu for the convention its not like I'll be special by cosplaying cuz i bunch of people are gonna cosplay too. So I am just buying a cool red horror robe and also buying a pitchfork and that will be me costume.

Yesterday was weird a bunch of stuf happen that wasn't like me I had i math test i didn't know about, also i sleep in 3 classes and they weren't my morning classes they were my 3rd, 4th, and my P.E class can you believe that.

Also i was coming back from school on friday then i saw the cool, awesome, grefitti. Then after the fottball game people wrote some bad shit about Lake highland and i am greatfull about that. Thenn!! today (tuesday) there was even more bad ass shit about my school and now I will love that grefitti wall forever more.

Bleach is actully getting pretty boring too i need to find some other anime to watch, comment if you can tell me about some cool anime.
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(no subject) [Sep. 29th, 2006|10:58 pm]
[Current Mood |blahHYPER]

Also can you Glowy, or you Aura comment on my pics and tell me how they are.
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I feel great even thought I am still sick I feel so happy [Sep. 29th, 2006|10:44 pm]
[Tags|, ]
[Current Location |Orlando, Florida]
[Current Mood |mischievousHappy in a dirty way]
[Current Music |I love sunshine]

Well I am most happy today, everything went great nothing bad happened just a cool breeze in school.

Also I am probally gonna be Dosu for the Mega-Con and probally for halloween too.

Glowy and Jan I have found your subtitutes (they have weird names that I cant spell). For Glowy its probally (the jans sub had like the same name as jan but with a twist) Jans sub's big sister she is exactly like her but has much much much much much more girly manga than you, and does fanfiction, everything else she is exactly like you.

Jan its probally the big sisters little brother but he is shorter and likes scary things (like resident evil and the grude and the ring and stuff).

Ohh and they are like spanish but I thought they were American at first. They are also my best friends besides you guys.

Now for the best part........... I thought Frost turned out pretty well.
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(no subject) [Sep. 17th, 2006|09:26 am]
Also can You guyts plz comment to one of my posts seriously dog thats not cool
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(no subject) [Sep. 17th, 2006|09:21 am]
[Current Mood |indescribableHoly Shit I Am Dying]

God I am so fucking sick you should see me.

My Whole face is like rearranged weirdy Ahh I am gonna die.

I may see how I draw when I am sick and I should post it up to show you.
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Random Naruto Parody Version 2 [Sep. 12th, 2006|09:19 pm]

I think this when naruto hosts a T.V show or sumthing
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Bleach: Memories_of_Nobody_Trailer_2 [Sep. 12th, 2006|09:17 pm]

Oh yeah I just heard that Bleach Memories of Nobody is coming out in theaters near us sometime in December like December 16th or sumthing
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